1. Chapels

The chapels are located at the ground floor of the campuses.

2. Audio Visual Room (AVR)

The ARV at ICA Plaza is used for the viewing  of educational films and other school activities such as meeting and seminars.

3. Lockers

All campuses are equipped with lockers enough for student in every campus. Payments of lockers are made at the ICA Cashier’s Office at the ICA Plaza.

4. Open athletic area / 5th floor

Physical education classes and athletic activities are held either at the open athletic area located at the grounds of each campus or at the 5th floor during rainy days.

5. Canteen

Canteen concessionaires are located at the ground floor of the campuses.

6. Library

The four (4) campuses are equipped with the modest libraries.

7. Laboratories

There are computer, speech and science laboratories located in every campus equipped with the needed facilities for hands – on and experiments.

8. School Clinic

Each campus is provided with a school clinic.

9. Playrooms

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The Vision of Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is to develop a total person of broad, tolerant and intelligent perspective, who will be able to enhance his quality of life and contribute to the total development of the community and the country.


The Mission of Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is to provide students with opportunities to relate theoretical knowledge to practical experience in order to make them better prepared for college and for their future integration into the working environment.