1.Organization and clubs should serve as the training ground for different skills and talents that can be learned and developed in school. These must also provide opportunities for the development of good morals and right conduct.

2, Students are reminded that extra-curricular activities are a necessary part of their total education. No one is forced but everybody is encouraged to join and be active in the Student Government and all other clubs recognized by the school.

The school officially recognized an organization/club when the Board of Directors duly approves its By-laws. The school Director and Club Coordinator must see to it that the approved By-law are properly implemented.

3.All student activities on or off campus should have the written permission of the school administrator or his/her duly authorized representative. In addition, a waiver from the parent/guardian of the student allowing them to join such activity and absolving the school for any untoward incident  beyond control should be presented to the campus principal.

4. A financial report must be submitted at the end of the year to the School Director through the Office of the Chief Accountant. The Director should be informed of all class dues, fund raising projects, collection if fines, etc. which are imposed by the student government.

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The Vision of Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is to develop a total person of broad, tolerant and intelligent perspective, who will be able to enhance his quality of life and contribute to the total development of the community and the country.


The Mission of Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is to provide students with opportunities to relate theoretical knowledge to practical experience in order to make them better prepared for college and for their future integration into the working environment.