In the list if this prodigious mission, the school endeavors to attain the following specific objectives:

1. Integrate the various disciplines of knowledge in a viable learning experience in various levels pre-school, the elementary, the secondary and possibly in the tertiary levels in the form of vocational introductory courses in the senior years. Most of all, students learn how to problem-solve while using technology; 2. Train students in creative and critical thinking and mastery of of expression as a preparation for college or vocational studies;

3. Inculcate a deep sense of national identity through the study and appreciation of Filipino culture;

4. Develop in the students’ awareness of the manifold problems and realities of life and a solid foundation of knowledge, human values and skills essential for life in  a changing world.

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The Vision of Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is to develop a total person of broad, tolerant and intelligent perspective, who will be able to enhance his quality of life and contribute to the total development of the community and the country.


The Mission of Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA) is to provide students with opportunities to relate theoretical knowledge to practical experience in order to make them better prepared for college and for their future integration into the working environment.